Positions Shift

Group leader

As a group leader you would be responsible for everyone in your group, managing tasks and deadlines. A group leader is the members contact person, and it is therefore important that you are friendly and understanding. But we have a pod to build, and as a group leader you would be faced with a number of technical problems, be it if you want to be leader for mechanical, electrical, magnetic or relations. We look froward to seeing you!

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Relations group

As a member of the relations group you are a part of the team that this organization simply could not do without. You are the backone of this organization and we would rely on you to maintain a good relationship with our partners and sponsors. In addition to making promotional material such as videos, pictures, website and a lot more!

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Technical group

Ah, the member group that need no introduction, the technical group. As a part of the technical group you would be responsible for figuring out how this pod will work and how to produce it. This is the engineering part of the organization.

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